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What happens when you’re a personal trainer with a pretty cute client? Well, usually, you have to put your feelings aside and shut up. But, in this case, this dude was ready to make some moves. So, after having an excellent gym session with a teen babe, he began to seduce her. The girl didn’t mind to take off her t-shirt and show off her tits, so firm, young, with puffy nipples. Then she got fully naked and let him take a look at her shaved pussy. Her teen pussy was so wet that her slit glistened, and her moisture practically ran down onto her ass crack. She was so wet that his hard cock was slipping in so easily, but her pussy was also clenching so tight on it. He started to bang her pussy in the missionary position right there in the gym. She was so small, petite, and her pussy was super tight. Because of that, this man lasted more than five minutes barely before cumming directly inside that tight and wet pussy. A thick gob of white sticky cum leaked out of her pussy! Even though this chick was now full of his cream, they still weren’t ready to stop. With cum dripping out of her pussy, the young naked girl went down on him to suck him. And she did it fantastically. She swallowed his whole cock, smeared with cum and pussy juice. And she loved the taste of it. She loved it so much that she banged that cock once again. This time, she impaled herself on it. Cum covered his shaft and ran down to his balls with every movement. Smack, smack, smack – cum ran out of her pussy and down his cock. And she liked the feeling so much that her legs were twitching. And even she couldn’t hold on anymore. After getting a second load inside of her, this trainer flipped her over. And put her on top of him. That means that, now, she was riding him like a real pro. And, of course, you could see how cum was dripping out of her young cunt. He busted another nut inside of her. He used her for the next hour, cumming in her multiple times, while she completely lost track of the number of creampies she had. With cum running out of her pussy, this babe was now full and satisfied, so she plopped right on him, with no energy left.

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I came to this guy’s place in order to fix something around the house, but he had this cute little daughter who wouldn’t leave me alone. She came to me as I was on my back, lying under a sink. I couldn’t help but stare at this young brunette’s tight, slender body. Also, she wore some of the sexiest clothes I’ve ever seen. On top of sexy, black panties and a white bra, she had a see-through, fishnet shirt that covered nothing but only enhanced that sexy look. I was helpless when she started pulling my pants and shorts down. Not that I would in any way object to a young, little minx grabbing my throbbing member with her small hands. She was so hungry for my meat that she immediately placed her luscious lips on the tip of it and started slobbering on it. Still smiling and feeling all playful she started licking up and down the shaft, jerking it with passion. At one point, I had to stand up to give her better access to my cock. She obediently waited on her knees before going back to business. Simultaneously jerking it with one hand, she slobbered all over the tip before that was the most she could fit at first. Being the pro dick sucker that she was, she always kept my balls in mind. By lowering her pretty little head, she started sucking and licking them as well, still stroking the rod. Of course, all of that was just to get me going as she had much more on her dirty mind. The girl stripped completely naked and sat on a chair, eagerly spreading her legs for me. I stared at her tight body with a pair of lovely, perky tits before going on lick her smooth cherry all up. That didn’t last long as both of us were hungry for much more.


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