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This voluptuous hottie had issues with her dryer that wasn’t working properly. Infuriated, she ended up screaming at her husband to call a handyman to help fix it. The guy arrived not much later and immediately went to work. The curvaceous MILF was eagerly watching his every move as the handyman did his thing. However, after just a couple of minutes, he turned it on realizing there was nothing wrong with the machine. That’s when the brunette confessed how the dryer wasn’t getting her off like it used to do. He was still confused by what she meant, so the babe pulled out a massive dildo, stuck it to the top of the machine, and jumped on it. Horny out of her mind, the lusty wife was relentlessly riding that pink sex toy with her aching snatch, and her massive tits were bouncing left in front of the repairman, but she couldn’t reach the climax. That’s when he suggested for her to try riding the dildo with her other, tighter hole. She was more than happy to immediately try it out and, after teasing her tight asshole with fingers, she sat on the dildo. Thrilled, the man mentioned how she could help with her pussy now that her ass was satisfied, and that’s when they hit it off. Just like that, he started vigorously fingering that wet cunt, making the housewife scream in pleasure. Hungry for a real cock, she jumped off the dryer and stuck the dildo to the side. It slid inside her ass again but this time she was bent over, pulling a dick out of his pants. Now, she was having her tight asshole and lustful throat rammed balls deep. Choking on one end and enjoying on the other made her even hornier. The brunette wanted the real thing inside of her. They changed positions and she was now bending over for the guy who was fucking her ass vigorously. The MILF still needed something inside her mouth so she continued slobbering on the toy. Realizing she wasn’t in the need of a dryer anymore, the hottie took the man to the kitchen where he continued anal ramming her in a reverse cowgirl. She was cumming harder and faster than ever before. Screaming her lungs out, she didn’t care if her husband heard her. One position after the other, this busty lady kept using dildo and his cock for double penetration and multiple intense orgasms.

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