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Horny MILF seduced her friend’s son when she picked him up from his soccer practice

Sexy brunette MILF was driving to pick up her friend’s teenage son after his soccer practice. His mom asked her to pick him up. He got in her car and immediately saw her amazing breasts. The MILF wore a sexy bodysuit that revealed her big cleavage. He has never seen such big tits before. He was secretly looking at them as she drove them home. His young dick rose immediately and he couldn’t contain himself on the way home. They finally arrived and they sat in the living room, waiting for his mom’s call. Suddenly her big tits fell out of her top and the boy only got hornier. She got embarrassed, she explained that she had recently enlarged her breasts and was not yet used to the size. She realized he was looking at them and asked him to give them a test run to see if they were good. She got them out and started massaging them with both hands in front of the boy. She was pinching her nipples as the boy watched. She invited him to touch them himself. The boy was really excited, so he approached the MILF and grabbed her big fake tits. His dick was pointing at her and he felt a little embarrassed. The mom saw it and said she wouldn’t let him stay with blue balls! MILF decided to satisfy him before he went home to his mom. She took his cock out and opened her mouth. When her mouth touched right above his cock, he thought he might cum right there. She started blowing the boy’s cock as he sat on the couch. He was very excited as he never had a girl suck him. But this sexy mom was very experienced and she knew how to please him. She was sucking his balls as he enjoyed. She put the dick between her huge tits and the bog grabbed them again.


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I picked up a stunning cum slut along my way and she squirted all over me

I was driving back from a long day at work and I saw an upset brunette along the way, yelling. I stopped to ask her if she was okay and she told me her boyfriend had just broken up with her. She didn’t have anywhere to go, as he kicked her out and took her phone from her. I was shocked as she opened the door, put her bags in the car, and sat beside me. I asked her what happened and she was so angry with that guy and wanted to find a new dick to replace him. With lusty features, a trim waist, and a banging booty, this mixed-Asian stunner will seduce you at first glance. We were chit-chatting and I got so aroused by this beautiful babe. She felt that and she lifted her shirt, revealing her big, stunning boobs! They were round and perfect! The babe then unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I kept driving, as she was giving me a stimulating handjob. My cock was getting harder, so I decided to pull over. She started giving me an outstanding blowjob, as I was looking at her tits. She was so good at it, and I soon filled her beautiful mouth with my warm jizz. I looked at her pants and saw they were drooling wet. I had to touch her, and she was so wet. I put my hand inside her pants and felt a soft pussy waiting for my dick to invade it. So I decided to take her home to continue our sexy play. We went straight to the living room and she removed her pants and got by my couch. She was teasing me by shaking her lovely ass.


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I picked up a horny little hitchhiker while driving home

I was driving back home from work when I saw a hot chick by the road. I stopped to see if she needed any help, and she asked if she could get a ride. I asked where she was going and since she said she needed to go to Barcelona, I decided to give her a lift. I didn’t want to charge her anything, but she insisted on paying. She told me to stop the car and she dragged me out. She didn’t have a bra under her shirt, so her nipples were pointing at me directly. I got offered a blowjob for payment, and I accepted. I took my dick out of my pants and checked if no one was coming. The little slut sat on the driver’s seat and I stood beside her. As she took me into her mouth I began to shudder, not believing the intense amount of pleasure she was giving me. While taking part of my hard cock into her mouth, she slowly began to slide her hand up and down my shaft. She took off her top and I could see her beautiful boobs. We are in the middle of the road, hoping no one would come. I held her head as she was giving me an exciting blowjob. I told her to eat that dick, as I pushed it deep in her mouth while she was on her knees. We got by the rock that was near and she took off her pants. I ordered her to lean against the rock so I could get inside her shaved pussy. Her pussy was so tight. I almost couldn’t believe this was happening. I spread her ass cheeks with both hands and pressed a finger against her asshole. She turned her head so she could watch me straight in the eyes.


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The attractive couple picks up a young hottie for hardcore threeway pounding

My girl and I have good taste in chicks. Better yet, we love sharing them together. After one exciting night in the city, we picked a striking, young babe who was willing to go all the way. She was a tall and slender beauty with long, black hair. She immediately fit perfectly with my girl who was this foxy redhead. The fun started the moment we entered the car. The brunette sat in the middle, between the two, and neither of us could keep our hands off of her. When we reached the apartment, we immediately went to the bedroom. There, I watched the girls for a bit, making out on the bed. They looked stunning, teasing and kissing each other wearing those fancy, tight dresses. Not wanting to miss out on any of it, I approached with my throbbing member out. The girls leaned forward and started playing with it. The best double blowjob of my life started off slowly, as the two sluts went up and down the shaft, licking it all over. However, the action quickly escalated as the girls started taking turns deepthroating and gagging while swallowing my dick as deep as possible. I can’t even tell how long they sucked me off but, when they finished, they were both dripping wet. I wanted to bang the new chick first so she simply spread her legs and took me balls deep as my redhead rubbed her clit and kissed her passionately. Her tight pussy felt so good! It’s always so excited to have sex with a new girl. All men crave a new woman and a new pussy. I stared at my dick as it moved in and out of her beautiful pussy. I rammed her for so long that my babe had to mount her face, unable to wait. Then the girls switched and now she was riding me like a slutty cowgirl. The new girl pulled my dick out of my gf’s cunt and licked off all the juices! We continued fucking in every position we could think off and the girls kept licking each other even after I had exploded jizz in their lusty mouths. I stared at two beautiful faces licking cum off each other’s face and sharing my cum with their tongues. With cum dripping ouf of her mouth, the new girl spread my girlfriend’s legs and began to eat her out!

Photographer picks a tattooed and curvy brunette up and fucks her brains out

A striking brunette called Indica was strolling down the street when a guy on the bike stopped to start a conversation with her. He introduced himself as a fashion photographer and confessed to being mesmerized by her unique looks and sexy tattoos on a curvy body. Intrigued by his offer to participate in a photo session, cutie jumped on his bike and he took her home. Once there, she immediately stripped her clothes off to hop into something more comfortable, flashing those large, supple breasts and that big, fat ass before putting sexy lingerie on. The photo shoot didn’t last very long because both of them ended up horny for each other. Indica’s oiled body made the photographer quickly strip her naked before slobbering on those breasts. He ended up bending her over to lick both of her tight holes while she rubbed his shaft with those soft feet. Having both of her holes licked until she couldn’t think straight anymore made this brunette eager to return the favor. She dropped on her knees, grabbed the shaft firmly, and started swallowing it whole. He soon took control over and went on to ram her throat vigorously, making her choke and drool all over it. It didn’t take long for the babe to end up on all fours on a barstool, taking his throbbing boner doggy style. High on his overpowering passion for her juicy booty, he fucked her from behind with all he had. He always had a thing for girls with plump body, big tits and big ass. Her massive tits were bouncing back and forth as he pounded her relentlessly, making her scream. He fucked her brains out from behind before they started switching things up and changing positions. Her screams were only getting louder as she experienced orgasm after orgasm. Having ravaged her dripping wet cherry in every position possible, the photographer eventually reached his limits and exploded with huge loads of sticky, white cum covering her curvaceous body all over.

Classy husband and gorgeous wife pick up a young babe for a threesome

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Young whore lets some random dude she picked up in the park fuck her

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