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Archive - December 2020

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A sexy blonde was in the kitchen. She wanted to do the dishes and prepare a nice lunch for her boyfriend. He was at work and she wanted to surprise him with a delicious meal. While she was doing the dishes, she sprinkled herself with water. She was wet and she needed to take off her clothes to let it dry. She was only in her panties and suddenly, she realized she was very horny. She couldn’t resist it as her pussy was burning with desire. The girl decided to play a little before she continued with her chores. The babe got on the kitchen counter and spread her legs. Her pink pussy lips were all wet and she placed her hand on her slit. It felt so good, so she started rubbing it. She was moaning as she played with her succulent tit. Her boyfriend got home early and entered the kitchen. He had a bad day at work, but his day became much better as soon as he saw his sexy half naked girlfriend furiously rubbing her cunt on that counter. He watched her before he finally approached her. She was a little ashamed, but she didn’t stop playing. She wanted him to join her in her sexy kitchen activities. He kneeled down on the floor in front of her, her pink cunt right in front of his face. Her pussy lips were glistening with her juices. His cock was getting really hard. He unzipped his pants and took it out. The girl got on her knees and took his dick into her hands. Grinning lasciviously up at him as she kissed and licked the tip. She opened the mouth, put it inside it and started blowing it. He trembled looking into her green eyes as she held his cock in her mouth. This babe has the most perfect natural tits you have ever seen.


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A happy couple was expecting a baby. They decided to have the labor at home, so they arranged to have two midwives come to their home. The moment has arrived as the wife had tractions and her body was ready to deliver a baby. They had everything prepared and the girls wanted to make them feel as relaxed as they could. A busty midwife was preparing her instruments. She was wearing a miniskirt and no underwear beneath it. The husband took a peek and he saw her naked pussy. He was shocked but it helped him relax. They put the wife onto the table and one girl stayed with her, as the other one wanted to make the guy less scared. She took him to the bedroom. She was going to take care of not only the wife, but the husband as well! Doing whatever it takes to relieve tension and stress, which means, luckily for this father-to-be, a wet, wild and sneaky squirt-filled fuck-fest!!! The girl started blowing him, fucking his cock with her mouth and it really helped. Then the crazy slut got on top of him, sat on his dick and started riding him! Her pussy was all wet and as soon as he started nailing her hard, she squirted! They continued fucking as her wife was in another room. She squirted again and again all over him. He was pounding into her like there was no tomorrow, and her legs began trembling again, another squirting orgasm! She had multiple squirting orgasms and they soon went back to check on the wife.


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A striking brunette was really turned on and who better to go down and dirty with than her handyman. He was in the kitchen, focusing on the work when the girl started prancing around in a loose, thin dress. She poured water all over her clothes, making those perky tits visible, and then proceeded to twerk with no panties right next to the guy. She alternated between twerking her ass by violently shaking it. He was doing his best to finish the job but he was losing focus due to such a hottie fooling around nearby. That’s when he accidentally hit a finger with his hammer and the babe, feeling sorry for bringing him into that position, took the finger with her luscious lips to kiss and suck on it suggestively. Just like that, his pain was all gone as he watched that beauty dropping the dress on the floor. With nothing but stockings and garter belt on, she jumped at him for a passionate makeout session before pulling his massive schlong out taking it with her mouth. He was already rock hard and her visible lust only made him grab the back of her head and pound her throat. Just seconds later, she was kneeling down and deepthroating hardcore. Such long and intense dick sucking made her face all messy as the babe stood up and bent over the kitchen counter for dicking. Finally, he took her from behind and, without wasting a moment, started drilling her. One of her legs was soon in the air as she was trying to spread as much as possible for the handyman’s monster dong. At one point, he even picked her up and railed her like a real-life fuck doll before they ended up on the floor. Having ravaged her in every position in that kitchen, he gave her a massive load.

A busty blonde seduces her roommate in the laundry room

A blonde babe has been living with her new roommate for a month. He gets on her nerves but he also turns her on very much. She was doing the laundry and he came into the room. They were both trying to put their clothes in the washing machine at the same time, but she wanted to go first. The blonde babe took off her shirt and put in the washing machine. The roommate took a nice view of her big tits in her bra. She saw him staring at her breasts and smiled. Playfully, she looked at him and asked him to help her take it off. She truly had a beautiful pair and they begged to be freed. He took off her bra and loved seeing her naked tits in front of him. Her magnificent tits were set free and his cock jerked at the sight of those beauties. He immediately buried his face in between her melons and she hugged him hard. He started kissing and sucking on her boobs. The girl pulled down her panties too. She was completely naked and he saw her pretty, shaved pussy. He knelt on the floor between her legs and started licking it. Busty naked babe was grinding her pussy back and forth on his face. He was lapping with his tongue, up and down, side to side, in and out. Deciding to give her what she wanted, he finally pulled down his boxer shorts to free his now rock hard cock. She got on her knees and put it straight into her mouth. It was big and she loved the taste of it. She blew him before she got it inside her. Her pussy was warm and welcoming. He had her from behind and he was nailing her hard in that laundry room. He reached around and grabbed her soft tits with both hands, cupping them and pulling her closer to him as she began pushing her big ass against him. She was screaming and moaning as his dick was destroying her cunt. He loved playing with her tits as he fucked her. He had her in every corner of the room. He was on the floor, and she got on top of him. She loved taking a ride on his cock. Her tits were jumping up and down as she was riding. He wanted to cum on them, so as he was getting close to finishing, he got out of her. His balls were ready, and he sprinkled her big tits with his sperm.

Security guard catches three schoolgirls and fucks them as a punishment for stealing

These three young and beautiful schoolgirls are as mischievous as they are cute. This time, they had stolen a camera and went to a nearby park to fool around. Afraid of nobody, the three little sluts were having fun with slides, climbers, and playhouses. Every now and then, one of them would lift her skirt, revealing the most innocent white panties, before going on as if nothing happened. They even went on to show off their flexibility by doing cartwheels and messing about before a security guard finally caught up to them. He started running after them but little minxes seemed to be too fast for him and they managed to escape home. Back in the comfort of a home, they were already losing their minds with horniness. That’s why it didn’t take long for the three of them to strip down to their underwear and start pussy licking each other. Moans of pleasure were echoing all around the room and, just as this lesbian trio was getting into it, they heard a knock on the door. Carefully, they went to open the door and that’s when the security guard barged in. It took him a couple of moments to calm them down and that’s when he explained how the camera they had stolen from the school had GPS built-in. He was just about to call the cops when the half naked schoolgirls decided to talk him out of it. Naturally, no guy would refuse a polite offer from three young ladies. That’s how he found himself comfortably relaxing on the couch with his throbbing dick out. Three naked girls were now taking turns sucking him off. The camera was still on and they were even trying to get the best angle possible. The petite blonde seemed to be the most into it at first, as she made that rock hard shaft all slippery with her saliva. That’s when the girls switched and her brunette girlfriend took over, taking that rod deep down her throat.


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This voluptuous MILF looks absolutely stunning with a pair of massive tits and womanly curves that are to die for. However, she’s a busy lady and the work can’t wait. On the other hand, her boyfriend doesn’t seem to care that much for the brunette’s tight schedule. While she was frantically checking out her phone and important papers, the guy pulled her giant tits out and spread her legs. He was sucking on those hard nipples while simultaneously rubbing her aching pussy. Getting hornier with every passing moment, the MILF still wouldn’t stop working. But, she did take a couple of seconds to take his huge dick deep down her throat and choke on it while figuring stuff out on her phone. Still typing those important emails, the hottie was gagging and deepthroating, making the shaft all slippery and her face all messy from precum and saliva spilling over. When she was finally ready for more, the businesswoman bent over her desk and took a call as the young boyfriend started pounding her dripping wet pussy from behind. The feeling was so good she had to wrap things up quickly to dedicate at least a couple of minutes to such hardcore pounding. Then, just as she received a second call, the boyfriend unexpectedly pulled out and shoved his dick back inside her tight asshole! Surprised, she didn’t stop the guy from pounding her ass while she kept doing business over the phone. Doggy style turned into a reverse cowgirl, which then turned into a cowgirl. It felt fucking amazing, his cock pulsating inside her ass and her cunt was making her cum hard. He sat on her and trapped his cock between her tits, fucking them and reaching her open mouth with the head. Finally, once the boss bitch found herself lying on the bed on her back, having every hole pounded in a missionary position, she finally forgot about her phone. The guy was now taking turns fucking all of her tight holes, making her scream in orgasms before he came.

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