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When he woke up this morning, this guy had no idea how great his day was going to be. He was on the phone, talking to his wife in the kitchen when he saw his neighbor banging on the door. It was this ravishing brunette MILF with a body to die for and a face to match. Not just that, but she had nothing on but the sexiest, purple lingerie, black stockings, and erotic high heels. All of that made her seductive, womanly curves with big, supple breasts and a round, bubbly ass look that much better. The man was surprised at first but, not knowing why is that hottie standing almost naked and banging at his glass door but, being a good neighbor, he let her in. Apparently, the MILF got in a big fight with her boyfriend and she had to leave quickly, which explained all the sexy clothes she wore. That’s when things started to get really spicy. Wanting to get revenge on her man, the beauty quickly figured out she might as well go down and dirty with the neighbor. She borrowed his phone to call her boyfriend and tell him just that, before giving her lucky neighbor his phone back and dropping down on her knees in front of him. Just like that, she started with one of the most vigorous and sloppy blowjobs of his life! Stunned, the man changed a couple of awkward words with the boyfriend of a chick who was choking on his cock at that very moment before hanging up to fully enjoy the experience. With both hands stroking the shaft, the sexy naked woman was drooling on that schlong, hungry for it in her tight throat and dripping wet pussy. All that intense dick sucking got her even horner, which is when she stood up and bent over the kitchen counter for that rod. Without wasting a moment, the man grabbed her firmly and started drilling that cunt balls deep doggy style. Screaming in pleasure, the MILF was in heaven. That was just the beginning as they started being much naughtier and adventurous. The naked woman showed off her flexibility by bending and spreading her legs for all the exotic positions. He fucked her brains out into multiple intense orgasms, making her shake and tremble before rewarding the beauty with a load of sticky, white cum.

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